American Dream Inspections TX LLC has partnered with a Smart Home / Commercial Technology company. So now if you’re planning on buying a Smart Home or business, we can now inspect both the home or commercial building plus now Smart Home / Commercial Systems at the same time. The best part is that the Smart Home/ Commercial Inspection is FREE! During the home or commercial inspection, the Smart Home / Commercial property will be inspected for low voltage which also includes looking at what the house or office has in terms of tv wiring, internet wiring, security, camera wiring and what is useful and what options you have with what is there. They can help turn any place into a smart home or commercial building and give you direct advice on the wiring you have and everything you can achieve with smart home/commercial technology. Their experts can help you figure out the possibilities and help get you set up with any low voltage wiring and Smart Home /Commercial technologies. They can also take care of the below:

Refining Entertainment

Home Automation & Networking