New Phase Inspections in Houston

Houston Property Inspections – New Phase Inspections

At American Dream Inspections TX, LLC, we can provide new phase inspections for construction projects throughout the Houston area. We specialize in providing you with prompt service and fast reporting on our findings, allowing you to enjoy the most up-to-date information for every stage of your construction. Whether you need a Houston commercial property inspection or a comprehensive Houston residential inspection, we can deliver the right options for you.

The Pre-Slab Foundation Inspection

Making sure that the foundation site is properly excavated and prepared to accept the pouring of concrete can ensure the highest quality for the finished product. Our Houston real estate inspection team will work with you to check the status of your foundation before it is poured and can provide you with post-foundation and post-slab updates to ensure that you are informed about any issues as soon as they arise.

Framing Inspection

Your framing inspection should typically be scheduled before any sheet rock or insulation has been applied. This is usually also before the roof has been built and plumbing and electrical wiring have been installed. We will make sure that framing is installed properly with no bowed, warped, or without damaged material. We will also make sure that all rafters, joists, and Lam Beams are installed with proper support.

Pre Drywall/Insulation Phase Inspection

American Dream Inspections TX, LLC can provide expert services to ensure that all structural elements of your home or building are sound and ready for finishing inside and out. By scheduling it at this time, you can ensure the greatest accuracy for this essential Houston residential property inspection. In most cases, building officials in your area will also be conducting their own inspection at about this time to ensure the structure is being built and materials are installed per code. By scheduling our inspection first, you can avoid any problems with regulatory agencies and can pass your building inspection the first time around.

Final Inspection

Before the blue-tape walkthrough takes place, we can perform a final inspection of the building or home. Our thermal imaging inspection is included with any comprehensive commercial or residential property inspection, allowing you to spot any areas that may need more insulation, possible moisture intrusion and hot or glowing electrical. By including our inspections in your building process, you can enjoy the most practical help in spotting minor issues before they become major and costly issues for your construction project. This can save time and money for home buyers, builders and commercial businesses in and around the Houston metropolitan area.

Warranty Inspection

We can take care of your 1 and 2 year builder warranty inspections that will include a full color report of items that the builder should correct before the warranty has ended. Once the warranty time has lapsed then the builder will not take care of any cosmetic or damaged items.

At American Dream Inspections TX, LLC, we have built a solid reputation on our knowledge and experience in the Houston residential and commercial property inspection industry. We will work with you to determine any issues with properties you are considering for purchase or offering for sale. If you need inspections for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, structural integrity or for any other reason, we can help you with the most advanced services in the Houston area. Give us a call today at 832-566-0973 to begin the process of scheduling new phase inspections for your construction project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to build something great.

Pre Pour Phase Inspection
Pre Pour Phase Inspection
Pre Dry Wall Inspection Outside
Pre Dry Wall Inspection Outside
Pre Drywall Phase Inspection
Pre Drywall Phase Inspection