Crawlspace Inspection

American Dream Inspections TX LLC can now go where other inspectors’ cant! Meet Crawl E at 7” tall and 11” wide we can go in tight crawlspaces that a person cannot. With HD video and camera Crawl E can inspect for damaged structure such has piers or beams. Crawl E will also inspect for damaged flooring from a possible plumbing leak or termite damage. Plumbing and electrical under structure will also be inspected for any damage that need to be corrected. Any items under the structure will be inspected for any major deficiencies.

So, if you’re buying a home that has a crawlspace or already own a home that you would like to have your crawlspace inspected. Then call 832-566-0973 to schedule or get a quote for your crawlspace inspection.

Crawl E in action