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Benefits of Drones for a Houston Real Estate Inspection

Drones could be the next big thing in the Houston real estate inspection industry. These highly mobile devices can provide valuable information about the condition of roofs and other structural elements of homes and businesses without requiring inspectors to scale a ladder. Here are some of the most important benefits of drones property inspections for roofs and other elements of residences in our area.

A Safer Inspection

By using camera-equipped drones to examine roofs, chimneys and gutters, inspectors can avoid the risks associated with climbing ladders and moving around on the roof to check its condition. Drones can eliminate the risk of falling or causing damage to roof tiles during a Houston residential property inspection. This can help inspectors complete their tasks more quickly while ensuring the safest working environment for these professionals.

A More Accurate Assessment

Because drones can typically get much closer to roofs without causing collateral damage to shingles or other materials, they can provide a true bird’s-eye view of the condition of roofs, shingles and other components of the structure of residential and commercial buildings. This can allow inspectors to make more accurate determinations on behalf of their clients.

A Closer Look

Drones can make it much easier to take a close look at chimney flashings, gutters and other structural components that may be difficult to see from the ground. This can be especially critical during a Houston commercial property inspection. Office spaces and apartment buildings can present real problems for inspectors because of the height of these structures. By using a drone to scan the outside of the building and to zoom in on trouble spots, inspectors can perform the most comprehensive examinations of these larger-scale buildings while remaining safely on the ground.

A More Cost-Effective Strategy

In many cases, drones can provide visual recordings of the entire exterior of a building, making it easy to complete both commercial and residential inspections quickly. Insurance companies like Allstate has been using drones as part of a test program to allow faster processing of claims. The initial stages of the program have offered valuable information for Allstate and may serve as an example for other insurance companies.

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