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Benefits of a Houston Thermal Imaging Inspection for Property Owners

Ceiling Lacking Insulation
Ceiling Lacking Insulation

A Houston thermal imaging inspection can provide you with valuable information about properties you currently own or those you are interested in acquiring. These advanced inspection techniques are non-invasive and can deliver actionable information that can identify problem spots and help you make the most effective use of your funds in our area. Here are some of the most important benefits of a Houston thermal imaging inspection for commercial and residential properties in the Houston area.

Advanced Detection for Heat Loss and Heat Differentials

During a routine Houston residential property inspection, the windows, doors and other openings into the house may be examined to determine if they are in sound structural condition and relatively free of gaps and leaks. A thermal imaging inspection can expand on this information by detecting heat or cold leaving the building around these openings. This can help you identify problem spots that may require added insulation to ensure optimal energy efficiency and can ensure that your utility bills stay as low as possible even on the hottest summer days in Houston.

Enhanced Electrical System Inspections

Thermal cameras can also identify electrical issues that might otherwise go undiagnosed. Some of the most common problems spotted during thermal inspections include electrical faults, overheating of equipment or wiring, overloaded circuits and failing circuit breakers. Taking time out to investigate and to repair these issues can increase the odds of selling your home or business more quickly and can help you manage safety issues inside your own residence or commercial facility.

Advance Warning of Leaks

Thermal inspections can also provide you with a clear picture of leaks and moisture intrusion during your Houston commercial property inspection or home inspection process. Moisture around the foundation or inside the walls of the building could also cause structural damage that could significantly reduce the overall value of the property. Roofing leaks could prove even more damaging for inventory or equipment stored inside your facility or furnishings in your home. Making sure you have the most accurate information about the property you are considering can help you make the right investment choices in our area.

At American Dream Inspections TX, LLC, we offer comprehensive commercial and residential inspections designed with your needs in mind. We include a Houston thermal imaging inspection as part of our regular inspection process. This can ensure that you receive the most complete information on the property you are considering. Give us a call today at 832-566-0973 to set up an appointment with one of our skilled and knowledgeable technicians. The experts at American Dream Inspections TX will be happy to provide the professional property inspection services you need.